Angelina battles Brad Pitt's Mother

According to reports, Brad Pitt’s fiancé Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie is furious over Pitt’s mother as she on purchasing girly kind of attires for tomboy granddaughter Shiloh.

Pitt and Jolie allowed their kids to select their attires, but at this point of time, Jolie is reportedly livid with her to be mother-in-law. Recently, she bought some full girly dresses for Shiloh, who is popular for her tomboy kind of style and she likes to dress in the same way like her brothers. That is why Angelina is upset with Jane Pitt because she thinks that Jane would attempt to influence the way she dresses. Angelina found this as vary disrespectful.

But this is not the very first time when there is tension between Jane and Angelina. As report suggests, Jane Pitt had sent Jolie Bible’s embossed copy in spite of the fact the Hollywood actress never talked about her religious beliefs.

The cover of the holy book is reportedly have been marked with the 'Angelina' word, probably saying that Jane thinks Jolie needs to associate with God.

A close source told a leading magazine that Jolie has told Pitt he should educate his mother, but Pitt is vry much of a mama’s boy. If Brad would not do it, Jolie will have to take things into her own hands and speak to Jane Pitt about how, as the mom of such a well known celebrity, she should not be writing letters which clash with her son’s political thoughts.