Are Pitt and Jolie getting married?

Previous week, there were rumors that Pitt and Jolie were getting married at the Chateau Miraval mansion in Marseille, located at the souther part of France. Now there are rumors flowing that the marriage will take place next Saturday.

Preparations to celebrate the 50th marriage anniversary of Brad Pitt’s parents Bill and Jane once again hit the buzz of a secret wedding of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Still, Correns mayor Mickael Latz told that Pitt and Jolie might tie the knot next Saturday.

While speaking to Daily Mail regarding their wedding, he added that it is a far more possible date. This weekend, there are no plans for a civil marriage ceremony in Correns. It is expected that the Hollywood couple will tie the knot in a private chapel. In France, civil ceremonies are only permitted in town halls.

Correns’ deputy culture secretary Patrick Mareschi told that he is not aware of their wedding. He further added that according to the laws of France, pairs need to tie the knot at the town hall. No couple can hold a ceremony at their own home unlike religious wedding.

It is also reported that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have commissioned wedding rings of £ 500,000. The star Hollywood pair enlisted Robert Procop’s service. Robert Procop was British jewellers Asprey & Garrard’s former head. A close source spoke to a leading news paper. He told that Procop has been busy throughout the year crafting the wedding rings for Pitt and Angie. The couple is matching gold bands along with a diamond in them. It is hard to see those with naked eye.