Brad and Jolie getting ready for Halloween

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have six children and the pair has always talked about their wish of a huge family. Now, if Pitt and Jolie want to welcome yet another child, then he/she will have no problem to get another beautiful room.

Their house at Los Feliz is really amazing. The aerial view of the house revealed how stunning and magnificent their house is.
The whole property, which is around 5338 square feet in size, was bought by Brad Pitt in the year 1994. According to reports, the house has five big bed rooms and several small bed rooms. Brad has been living there for the last few years. Along with big rooms, the compound also has many swimming pools sp that the children can stay entertained.

Right now, it seems that the family is really in a Halloween spirit with pumpkins scattered around the whole compound before the holiday on 31st October. The family of Pitt and Jolie are well known fans of this festival and they have been spotted to sport beautiful costumes in the celebration.

Jolie has three children of her own as well as three adopted children. An insider told that recently, Jolie spoke to her kids and told that she is looking ahead to be their friend since they are getting older now.

She told that she was looking forward to them being teenagers. She would be their friend; and she would also be honest to them. She hoped that whatever they go through, they must be able to speak to her about the problem.