Brad Pitt happy about his present life

Brad Pitt, the World War Z actor, thinks less about himself and concentrate more on how to keep her family happy. Brad is believed to be one of the hottest starts of Hollywood. He has played interesting and handsome characters in movies like Ocean's Eleven and Fight Club.

In December, he celebrated his fiftieth birthday. Now, rather than thinking about his ageing, he is pleased that getting older might bring him more scopes. While speaking to a magazine, he told that he feels that his life has reached to a point where he could look back and see that he has accomplished a lot of goals as an actor and he is also not as much of a commodity anymore.

At present, he feels free as he could do almost anything he wants to do as a film producer and also as an actor at times. He is now able to spend a lot of time with h is family, which is his primary concern right now. When people get older, they just naturally think less about themselves. They see everything in terms of what they could do to make your family happy.

Brad Pitt and his beloved Angelina Jolie raise 6 children together. The Oceans Eleven star has taken one producing job so that he could spend more time with his family and kids. He is often sp[otted with Angelina and their little ones. Brad added that he and Angelina does a great job in keeping their kids away from limelight.