Fan scare for Brad Pitt

Earlier today, police came to the Sydney hotel after a Brad Pitt fan got too close to the Hollywood superstar and his son. The forty-nine year old actor was leaving Sydney's InterContinential Hotel with his 9 year old son Pax when a man came very close to them in the hotel’s parking lot.

The bodyguards of Brad Pitt were forced to take on the over enthusiastic fan. Later it was informed that the name of the man is Michael Joseph. Police came to the scene as soon as the incident took place. The Holly actor did not press any charges and he flew out of Australia just after the incident to carry on his promotional tour for his new film World War Z.

According to reports, a police spokesperson stated a leading newspaper that it was ascertained that, even though being an enclosed public space, the parking lot was controlled land under the control of the hotel. After the incident, the man was issued with a move-on order.

In spite of Angelina Jolie making appearances along with Brad Pitt over the last few weeks, this time the actress chose to stay in the United States with the couple’s other kids. The film World War Z will be released in the United Kingdom on 20th June.

Brad let Angelina have an early night on her birthday after a family meal out in Berlin and then partying along till 2 am after the German premiere of his new film World War Z, stated a report. Brad Pitt treated his lover to a family meal at oriental meal at the Kuchi Restaurant.