Hollywood actor George Clooney had another beautiful year, but the Hollywood heartthrob is all about loving people and especially when it comes to loving his fellow actor Brad Pitt who is also the best actor nominee at the Oscars event.

Clooney came to the Oscar’s party with his newest partner Stacy Keibler. When Clooney spoke to a correspondent from MTV News, he confessed that as a last time winner Clooney is ready to pass the torch to his longtime buddy Brad Pitt. He told that he would be very happy if Brad gets it.

"The Descendents" superstar admitted that he thinks it is gonna be an all-French night. Of course, he was referring to the "The Artist" and its superstar Jean Dujardin.
It has been a very long award season of love between Pitt, the "Moneyball" nominee and Clooney. Both these stars turned the Golden Globes award into an unquestionable lovefest.

After George Clooney poked fun at his bud when awarding his nominated movie "Moneyball," Brad returned that favor when he came to the stage to introduce George’s "The Ides of March."

Later, when George won the Golden Globe Award, he spoke about his love on Brad saying that he wanted to say it is nice to see Brad and it is nice to be able to tell Brad not just what wonderful work he is doing in two films this year, but also what wonderful work he does in the world to the rest of the people. He is a fan.

The superstar is absolutely ready for the awards season, this year, to come to a close, though, saying MTV that there is a little too much slapping everybody on the back. Clooney added that he is excited about the movie.