Pitt to celebrate his 50th birthday with his family

Recently during a chat show The Today Show, Brad Pitt said Ann Curry that he did not have any trouble with the aging process after Ann asked for his reactions on his impending 50th B’day. Later, the actor added that he was too busy to even think about it.

Brad’s fiftieth birthday came on Wednesday, and it appeared that the Hollywood star completely ignored it. According to a leading magazine, the World War Z reported that Brad stated that he did nothing to celebrate his 50th mark. Instead he concentrated on his works.

The mag reported that Pitt is not celebrating his B’day and he also does not want any surprises. An insider told the magazine that Brad just don’t want to talk about it.
For the past few months, the actor is shooting in the English countryside David Ayers’ film, anticipate to be released in November. The film is set in 1945 time when Nazi regime crashes.

In the mean time, his partner Angelina Jolie has been very busy shooting her brand new directorial program in Sydney in Australia. Earlier this month, they went on a yacht with their children. The whole family spent 5 hours on the boat and shared some laughter.

Still, Pitt’s B’day was totally unmarked. There are reports the family would celebrate the milestone in Australia in this weekend. An insider told that Brad told his nearest ones that he would celebrate his birthday in Australia this weekend.